Retreat in Yeats' Country Sligo, Ireland

About Us

Ardtarmon House and farm have been in the family for five generations since 1852.  The name “Ardtarmon” comes from the Irish language “ard” meaning “high” and “termon” meaning “sanctuary“ or “Church lands”. There are other termons in Ireland but this is the only one with this prefix.

A sunny day at Ardtarmon

The house has been the family home since 1852. The residence offers tranquil, spacious, and comfortable accommodation with a nineteenth-century ambience, much original furniture, and four en suite bedrooms. The five, renovated, self-catering cottages include a Gate Lodge, Thatched Cottage, and three converted farm buildings (the Garden, Harness, and Barn Cottages). There is a notable feeling of quietness and peace as the nearest minor road is a quarter mile away.

The Drawing Room of Ardtarmon House


In the past, farming was the family's main activity. They grew grain, vegetables, and fruit, and they bred prize-winning Friesian cattle, the oldest pedigree Friesian herd west of the River Shannon. The grounds were developed around 1900 and have been expanded since. Currently, a pleasure garden includes the original paths, and the extensive fruit orchard features over thirty apple varieties in addition to other fruit. The surrounding twenty-eight hectare farm has cattle, sheep, grain, vegetables, and potatoes as well as a bog conservation area.

Follow this path to the beach

Today, we concentrate on eco-awareness wherever possible. We grow organic fruit and vegetables for personal/general use, we use eco-friendly products for cleaning, and energy-saving bulbs in light fixtures.  We manage waste through composting, and we draw water from our own well. Our most significant environmental initiative began in 2007 when we implemented a unique willow planting project, SRCW (Short Rotation Coppice Willow). Through growing, harvesting, and chipping our own willow, we are able to power our central heating system fossil fuel free. We are always pursuing new ways to keep a green agenda. Feel free to ask us about latest developments.